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All You Need to Know About Homework in High School

Why can’t I write my high school homework? If you’ve asked yourself this question, then you aren’t the only one. High school homework is like a daunting task to most students, even though the same homework helps students perform even better. That is why, in this guide, we highlight everything you ought to know about homework in high school and the possible measures you can take to have your high school homework done.

What is the average homework time for high school?

While homework plays a significant role in a high schooler’s life, too much homework high school can impact the student’s life negatively. That is why it is essential for teachers to give homework moderately to help students have time to focus on other activities that are equally important.

Based on the number of homework subjects, a student needs to take a maximum of 30 minutes per subject doing homework.

How much homework in high school should students be given?

While homework is good in different ways, too much homework will bring more negativities than positivity. Therefore, the amount of homework given to a high schooler should not take more than two hours per day.

This is to ensure that a student can learn and have a better understanding of a concept other than doing too much homework that makes a student feel exhausted, making them not to grasp a single concept.

Why homework is bad for high school students

Although homework is one of the learning strategies that help the student review and understand better what is taught in class, it has its downsides, as described below:

  • Encourages cheating

When a student has too much homework, and they feel overwhelmed with schoolwork, they have no option other than resolving to high school homework help services. They end up paying for the services and getting their homework done.

Although the homework help service is the easiest way to have the homework done, students don’t put in any effort to understand the questions and how to find accurate answers. Therefore, the teacher won’t be able to tell if the students have understood the concept or not. Since the results from homework help services are always perfect, the teacher will assume the students have understood the concept better and move ahead, not knowing that some students have no great knowledge of the topic.

  • No time for socialization and outdoor activities

Since the students spend most f their time in school studying, they look forward to socializing, playing, and doing various outdoor activities, which makes students active and improves productivity. However, when homework comes in, students don’t have much time as they are on the move trying to finish their homework on time. Once done, they barely have any time left for other activities.

  • Inadequate sleep

One reason students find homework to be a nightmare is the lack of enough sleep. Even though a student can feel uneasy and tired, they can’t risk going to bed with pending homework tasks. Good sleep is essential to everyone, including students. Therefore, homework will disorient the sleeping pattern of students, making them feel the pressure that can lead to stress.

  • Can lead to low grades

In some aspects, homework can improve students’ performance. However, the same homework can lower the grades of a student. Wondering how? Well, some teachers will take advantage of homework, and they won’t teach all the concepts in class as they assume the students will do the research on their own, and some students can fail to do the research. In the end, the teacher will move on with a few students who did the research, not knowing that other students haven’t understood the topic well.


The question of whether homework is good or not has always been in question. For the right approach to doing homework, there should be homework policies for high school to ensure teachers moderate the amount of homework they give students so that students can have an easy time doing the work while meeting other basic activities.

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